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We're here to help when
you need more
than custom printing.

Our consulting services can help you get your custom printing and merchandising program off the ground – or strengthen your existing program.

Here are some ways we can lend a hand:

Strategy &

Is your custom printing program missing key elements? Are some "parts" broken? Why not take advantage of our experience – we're happy to help you plug the gaps. We'll help you decide what's needed, and advise on how to execute your marketing program. We'll also help you set up and manage your execution plan and outfit your team. We'll give you our valuable, proven advice for selling more merchandise. We love sharing our expertise – so give us a call today.

Decorating Techniques

In custom printing, the variety of options can be overwhelming! Let us walk you through the steps of choosing the processes that will give the best results for your job. We'll be beside you from start to completion.

We're experts with the following processes:

  • Spot Color
  • Full Color Process
  • Discharge
  • Foil
  • High Density
  • Distressed
  • WaterBase
  • Oversize
  • Soft Hand
  • High-density
  • Panel printing
  • All-over printing
  • Appliqué
  • 3D Puffy
  • Embroidery

Logos, Branding
& Design

Need a logo or well-designed overall "look" for your business? Need to update an existing design and logo? Our experienced designers and illustrators will help you choose all-new artwork, or revise your existing designs. Call to discuss our process – our goal is to give you a design that you will love.

Style Guides

A style guide is a document that lays out a set of guidelines for how you want your logos and other graphic designs to look, and how they should be used in various settings, including marketing documents, Web pages, stationery, etc.

A style guide usually includes specs for:

  • Standardized Logo Type
  • Acceptable Logo Usage and Placement
  • Minimum Logo Sizes
  • Proper Colors
  • Proper Typefaces
  • Any copy or image standards, and Message standards


You dream it –
we'll help you make it.

At Social Imprints, we've gathered the deep experience and the tools to help you design, dye, and construct custom blanks, or to source standard blanks from a vertical network of domestic manufacturers. Our strategic alliances with vendors give us and our customers excellent control over quality, as well as highly efficient production timelines.

"As a mission-focused organization, it's important to us to work with businesses that also have a social mission. Social Imprints brings energy and capacity to our mission. They've helped us meet big, global goals, on time and on budget."

Jay Walsh
Head of Communications
Wikimedia Foundation


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, and the world's fifth-most-visited website. Social Imprints is proud that Wikimedia Foundation chose us to design, print, and package its limited-edition 10th Anniversary custom-printed promotional products. We successfully packed and shipped the products to arrive on time for the 10th anniversary celebrations in more than 75 countries, including Kenya, German, Japan, China, Egypt, and Spain.

We developed custom molds to create the following keychains and lapel pins:

We worked with Rickshaw Bagworks in San Francisco to create a fully customized, all-over-printed, zero-waste bag.

We created this beautiful custom-embossed journal, using artwork that Wikimedia provided.

AmeriCorps Alums

AmeriCorps Alums are former AmeriCorps volunteers who share a vision of a better America. AmeriCorps Alums numbers over 500,000 alumni, including veterans of NCCC, VISTA, and pre-AmeriCorps VISTA.

The leaders of AmeriCorps Alums hired Social Imprints to help create a comprehensive marketing plan for selling more custom-printed products through its vast network. Social Imprints helped develop a highly successful new logo tagline, branding guidelines, and a new line of custom-printed merchandise. We created a custom AmeriCorps webstore and developed a marketing plan to help the organization regularly engage its network.

As a direct result of Social Imprints' assistance, AmeriCorps Alums tripled its revenue of custom-printed products over the previous year.

"Social Imprints has provided the perfect recipe for AmeriCorps Alums to offer merchandise to our clients and alumni. They manage fulfillment, financial processing, and website integration, which leaves AmeriCorps Alums with the time and energy required to focus on our core operations. Coupled with their commitment to corporate social responsibility, Social Imprints' proactive and thoughtful style has provided us with a partner we can depend on, and relieved us of the burden of managing our own merchandise line."

Greg Heinrichm
Alumni Mobilization Manager,
AmeriCorps Alums

She & Him Peechee Folders

The band She & Him hired Social Imprints to design and create its vintage Peechee folder. Adapting elements from hand-drawn artwork, our team created a perfect knock-off of the 1950s-style folders, inspired by their "In the Sun" video from She & Him's "Volume Two" album.

View "In The Sun" video

Whiskey Media

Whiskey Media operates websites that tie-in product databases with best-of-breed editorial and video coverage and reviews. Whiskey Media's top-rated Roku channel has attracted a huge audience, partly because WM members can participate by editing the website or adding their own content.

Whiskey Media asked Social Imprints to create custom-printed promotional products to stimulate pride among its enormous, deeply engaged audience. We came to the rescue with a highly successful fulfillment solution that was both efficient and cost-effective. In 2010-2011, Social Imprints produced, packed, processed, and shipped over 10,000 unique items to Whiskey Media members and fans. Social Imprints also helped Whiskey Media create a revenue stream through online sales on the WM website

"For a young Internet company, speed and efficiency are absolutely key. Social Imprints has helped us in our offline branding in incredible ways. They're the friendliest, most professional guys in their industry, and somehow, they make the hard work they do look easy."

Daniel Miesner
Marketing Manager,
Whiskey Media