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Social Imprints is the only U.S. company
that provides higher-paying
professional jobs

to at-risk adults, including ex-offenders, recovering addicts, and persons who are economically and physically challenged.

While most "social enterprises" offer lower-paying blue-collar transitional jobs in production and assembly, Social Imprints opens outstanding white-collar opportunities to at-risk but high-functioning applicants in management, sales, marketing, accounting, and customer service.

Our workforce development model has been a tremendous success, both here at Social Imprints, as well as in our former business and in a company we helped start in England. That's because it produces maximum social benefits, while saving society millions of dollars in social services.

The new skills and confidence that our employees acquire allow them to go back to the community and mentor other aspiring individuals who want to get their lives back on track. Currently, 100% of our employees come from our social mission.

In addition to higher wages, Social Imprints offers every team member comprehensive support services (counseling, housing, legal, and education) to ensure their successful reintegration into society, and to prevent relapse.

After years of feeling powerless over their lives, the team members quickly begin to feel that they are vital to the success of the company. Every team member is eligible to receive an ownership stake in Social Imprints. The employees are involved in virtually all major organizational decisions, and are expected to offer regular suggestions for ways to strengthen our social mission and improve the bottom line. The Social Imprints empowerment model evolves over time, with experience and employee input.

Social Imprint's empowerment model is based on the innovative business management ideas of Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco Industries in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Under Mr. Semler's leadership, Semco has grown to 3000+ employees while increasing revenues from $4 million U.S. (1982) to $500 million (2007). Ricardo Semler credits his unique socially aware management model as a major factor in Semco's success.

Our social model delivers maximum returns compared to other social workforce development enterprises. Instead of offering transitional blue collar jobs that go nowhere, we offer jobs that earn our employees a very livable wage, with the understanding that they will return to the community and help others get their lives on track – simply helping themselves isn't enough.

Promote Your Organization's Commitment to
Social Responsibility

Custom Hangtags

Demonstrate your organization's commitment to social responsibility! You can request that your printed garments include our custom hangtags, which detail our social mission of providing higher-paying professional jobs and comprehensive support services to ex-offenders and recovering drug addicts.

We can also create co-branded hangtags using your company's logo. Or you can ship us your hangtags and we'll affix them to your ordered garments.

For more information, call or email Daniel Phifer:

We'll Help You Create a
"Socially Aware"
Press Release

We love discuss how we can support our customers' marketing and PR efforts. Call Jeff Sheinbein at 415-956-0269 to talk about the many options for publicizing the ways your partnership with Social Imprints positively impacts your community.

Below is a sample PDF press release that you may find helpful.